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 Why Choose ABS?

  • Our ballet classes are based on the Vaganova and Cuban methodology.

  • Our teachers all have extensive professional dance experience.

  • Our hands-on faculty is dedicated to ensuring each student develops as a dancer and learns unique skills such as muscle memory, focus, musicality, coordination, and balance.

  • We offer performance opportunities with Tampa City Ballet to our pre-professional program.

  • Our programs are proven to pave the road for not only successful professional dance careers, but also helping students seeking a college education in dance obtain competitive scholarships.

“Great instructors and program. The dancers are hardworking, disciplined, and technique is of the highest caliber. What I love is they also focus on the artistry and passion of the dancer, as well as creating beautiful stewards of fellowship among the local community. I have taken wonderful classes from both Barb Valles and now Luana Hildago and they both provide amazing, challenging and rewarding classes. My daughter is also an intermediate student in their student level division and she has enjoyed her classes and feels the classes give her consistent challenge to work to at every level. We have been very happy here can't wait for fall season to start back up.”

-Traci Moore, 2019

“My granddaughter is training at this school of ballet. As a former dancer myself, I am usually very critical of most ballet training and performances that I see. It's hard to find a quality school, or see quality performances, but America's School of Ballet offers some of the most EXCELLENT training and performances I've seen in my MANY years in ballet! I'm so grateful to this school for offering such exceptional training!”

-Barbara Parker, 2018

“My son has been attending ABS for about 4 years now and I couldn't have imagine him attending a better school. ABS provides the necessary tools and training to become a well rounded dancer and individual. My son and I think there is a great working environment at ABS where all the students can focus but also have a great time doing so. I love how great the outreach programs are that ABS coordinates because there are trying to bring dance to community and i think it's important to share the talents that ABS possesses. I think ABS is a great school for any age student and I am so grateful for what they have done for my son and others.”

-Rosa Pena, 2014



“Not only amazing in their level of training, techniques and talented staff... but they treat the kids with the most respect and professional attitude. Classes are not crowded and they give the attention each kid needs to improve their techniques. Simply wonderful studio.”

-Gina Delgado, 2018

“This is THE best ballet school in Tampa. A very challenging but also encouraging environment.

If you want your children to become outstanding dancers send them fluff, just excellent ballet instruction.”

-Chris Fontana, 2016

“I started at America's Ballet School at the age of 11! I remember doing karate next door and afterwards I would go and watch my older sister dance next door at ABS and I would always be so intrigued by the athleticism, and grace of all the dancers! So I decided to start ballet at 11, it was one of the greatest decisions of my life. I learned how to stay disciplined and focused and how to always believe in myself even when things get really challenging. ABS was my family for 8 years, and taught me so many life lessons! Thanks to the amazing dance training I got from all the amazing teachers at ABS, I received a scholarship to study at the University of Southern California's Glorya Kaufman School of Dance as a BFA Dance major!”

-Brandon Carpio, 2016

“Located in the Tampa Palms area, Americas Ballet School has been in existence for more than ten years and has been the place where young dancers receive serious training in the art and discipline of ballet. The school was created by Paula Nunez, who has had an illustrious career as a ballet dancer and has a vision to spread appreciation and love for this art form. Students start at a very young age and progressively learn the discipline of ballet as they stretch, condition, work at the barre and at the center. The focus is on building and reinforcing classical technique. In the early years, young dancers learn to build habits and behaviors that will define their path for future success. In the intermediate years, students build on this developing repertoire of knowledge and skills as they work on pointe and refine other technical aspects of the art. Finally, in the advanced and pre-professional levels students see full culmination and development of what is known as the “ABS style” - a unique combination of technique and art. Advanced dancers also receive training in the contemporary dance style to be able to extend their enjoyment and understanding of dance. Dancers from the school are currently performing in several professional ballet companies around the globe, pursuing dance as an academic major, and competing and winning at major national and international competitions. Additionally throughout the year, dancers from different levels perform at various community events to share their love for classical ballet. Each year productions from the school show the development and manifestation of the “ABS style” which is a unique combination of grace, technique, passion, and artistry.”

-Keya Mukherjee, 2015