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About ABS

America's Ballet School is a multi-disciplinary school, where students receive training of the highest caliber, as well as a strong appreciation for all art forms. Our syllabus not only gives priority to all aspects of classical training, but also focuses on teaching the students the importance of discipline and personal responsibility for their lives and career choices.

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Our Classes

We offer a variety of classes in all levels of Classical Ballet, as well as Modern and Contemporary classes that enriches our student's technical development.


Our Faculty

Explore classes with faculty of the highest caliber. All faculty in ABS is qualified as professional, and they are willing to educate our students accordingly.


Our Courses

We offer Summer and Winter courses for students (not only from ABS) to improve their technique and experience while on summer break.



Adult Ballet

We love our Adult Students! These classes offer you the opportunity to stay in shape and have fun learning ballet. With ballet, you will improve your strength and flexibility, as well as your musicality and coordination.

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Summer Hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Our Choreography

At ABS, our Ensemble choreographies are inspired by poems, real situations, social issues, and more. This way, we ensure that our students express their movement in an engaging and supportive environment.


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